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Thank God it’s October

Yes, it’s finally October.  Let me recap September:

  • September 1: Classes started
  • September 8-12:Drove with another student from Nashotah, WI to Albany, NY for a retreat, was interviewed by the Commission on Ministry, and recommended to the Standing Committee for Candidacy for the Priesthood (Praise God!)
  • September 15-18: Another student and I (with the help, of course, or our entire campus community) hosted 20 seminarians from 10 other seminaries in the U.S. on our campus for a conference.
  • September 20-22: Traveled to Fort Worth, TX for the ordination of my friend Mark to the priesthood, and got to see other friends and my godson.
  • September 25-30: One of my bishops was on campus to lead our annual fall retreat.
  • September 29: Took my GRE.

And now, it’s October.  And although there are a ton of things going on this month right here on campus, I am not directly involved in any of them.  Thank. God. It’s. October.

That said, I will be posting another entry this evening, and then I will be making my first church visit TOMORROW MORNING, which I am very excited about.

Thank you to those who are still reading.  I look forward to hear what you have to say after tomorrow!

Shane Patrick


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