The Idea

The flock is little in the eyes of the world, but great in the eyes of God.  It is little–because he calls glorious those whom he has trained to the innocence of sheep and to Christian meekness.  The flock is little, not as the remnant of a big one, but as one which has grown from small beginnings.  This little flock denotes the infancy of his newborn church, and immediately he promises that through the blessings of heaven this church will soon have the dignity of his kingdom.

I’m interested in what people call “church.”  That is, what people do on a Sunday morning.

For this academic year, I will be visiting churches of denominations other than the Episcopal Church.  I am an Episcopalian, born and raised, and am working toward ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church (by the grace of God) through the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, NY.  I am and will be (for the foreseeable future) an Episcopalian.  Because of a busy and tight curriculum, and because I have always believed and practiced within one denomination, I don’t know much about other Christian denominations.  I’ve visited churches with friends through school, but I’ve always been committed to God’s call on me to the Episcopal Church, and consequently spent a vast majority of my Sundays in one of its parishes.

This is born out of a genuine interest I have: to understand how other Christians practice their beliefs and to find out what we consider to be “church.”  This includes church as Sunday morning worship and church as the Body of Christ.  Every denomination has its problems; each one has its faults.  My goal is not to put down one denomination in order to promote the one I belong to.  My goal is to explore and thereby understand other denominations.  For a more detailed account of my reasons and the impetus for the project, I invite you to read the first entries of the blog, tagged as “Introduction.”

Two Stories (Introduction, Part 1)

The Plan (Introduction, Part 2)

Expanding the Scope

The Name

A little about myself: I am a seminarian at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, a seminary of the Episcopal Church.  I attended an Episcopal parish with my mother and brother growing up.  When I came to college, I began attending an Anglican parish in Rochester, NY.  At the end of my freshman year of college, I began to lead a ministry on my college campus called “Foot of the Cross.”  During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I recognized and began to discern God’s call to the priesthood within the Episcopal church.  I began studying at Nashotah House in the fall of 2009 and am preparing for ordination in 2012.  If those reading would have any questions, or think of anything I should disclose throughout this blog and project, please let me know!  Leave a comment or send me an e-mail.


One response to “The Idea

  1. Hey, Shane. Chris Mapes here. Saw your blogs and been sufing it. Am debating coming to vist all y’all for graduation week in May. Write if you want, but not necessary: Say hi to the others in class of 12 I got to briefly spend time with. Saw a picture of Meredyth (cool) in the Bp Salmon installation vid.

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